Peter L. Salk, MD: Director, President

Walter Eckhart, PhD: Director, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer
Professor Emeritus, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Heather Wood Ion, BLitt (Oxon): Director

Michael J. Salk, MSc (Oxon): Director

Julia R. Brown: Director


Richard C. Atkinson, PhD
President Emeritus, The University of California
Former Director, the National Science Foundation
Past President, the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Caitlin M. Hawke
Senior Science & Strategy Officer, Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center
Former Executive Director, Pasteur Foundation

Philip Steven Low, PhD
Founder, CEO and Chairman of NeuroVigil, Inc.
Visiting Professor, MIT
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University

Mark A. Nordenberg, JD
Chancellor Emeritus, the University of Pittsburgh

Joseph F. O’Neill, MD, MPH
Director, Global Health Initiatives
Professor of Medicine
University of Maryland

Walter A. Orenstein, MD, DSc (Hon)
Professor and Associate Director, Emory Vaccine Center
Former Deputy Director, Immunization Programs, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Former Director, National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

David W. Rose, MA
Archivist, the March of Dimes Foundation

Greg Schmieg
Executive Director, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
Former Executive Director, the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation